Musella Amarone 2010

Musella Amarone 2010



A full-bodied red, with well-developed fruit tones of stewed blackcurrants and plums, alongside notes of raisins, prunes and nutty pecan. Heavy oak use has resulted in additional rich aromas of cedar and sweet maple syrup with a subtle spice in the finish.

GRAPE: Corvina
ORIGIN: Valpolicella (Veneto), Italy
DRINK BY: 2021
ABV: 15.5%


I love this wine and so had to have it here at The Wine Parlour. Amarone is made by harvesting ripe grapes in the first two weeks of October.  These are then allowed to dry on straw mats. This process is called appassimento or rasinate (to dry and shrivel) in Italian. This concentrates the remaining sugars and flavours!  Imagine the time, the love, the attention, this bottle of wine has had.  Amarone is one of the reasons I fell in love with wine!

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