Hi, I’m Chix, pleased to meet you!

I have been interested in wine for over 20 years and when I retired from an international career in dance, I decided to set-up a wine business .  In those early days I learnt everything I possibly could about wine and about running a small business.  I travelled around Europe visiting vineyards and asked as many people as I could in London about how to run a business.  I went to trade tastings and networking events everywhere.  To start the business, I imported a pallet of Rose from a vineyard that was introduced to me by a very good friend.  That was 10 years ago – there have been many experiences in between, some great, some good and some not so good!  Today my business imports wine from Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Portugal.  I have a wine shop & bar in Brixton, an on-line business, a wine school called No3 Vining Street, and I have just opened a second shop & bar in Herne Hill called Vintage1824.

We pride ourselves on offering customers the very best service experience and excellent wines that they cannot find anywhere else because I import them directly.

Today I have a dedicated team of wine lovers who work in my business which frees up a little of my time to concentrate on finding new vineyards and looking at new business opportunities.