A broad and versatile white grape, absorbing its styles from various climates and regions across the world.


A red grape that makes round, heart-warming wines, high in alcohol and a touch of sweetness.


Malbec, also known as Cot, a red grape that originates from Cahors, France, but is famous for its production in Argentina, produces deep and full-bodied wines.


A popular and widely produced red variety that makes round, supple wines. Although hugely common, it adopts its prestige from a history in Bordeaux, and creates some of the world’s finest wines.

Pinot Noir.

A notoriously difficult red grape variety to grow, renowned for its intricacy and irresistible aromatics, producing both whites and reds of a subtle and delicate nature.


An incredibly diverse white grape variety originating from Germany, now produced accross the globe making a plethora of styles; sweet to dry, sparklings and pudding wines.


Also known as Shiraz outside of Europe, a red grape variety characterized by its unmistakeably spicy aromatic traits.


Also known as Alvarinho in Portugal, this Galician white grape variety is typically light and refreshing, high in acidity with classic traits of tarty apricots.

Pinot Gris.

A white grape variety originating from Europe and famed in Alsace for its ability to age well, being used more frequently in the rest of the world. Greatly dependant on its location and climate.


A very tannic and distinct red grape variety, typically enjoyed with red and cured meat originating from Madiran, and now produced widely in Uruguay.

Gros Manseng.

A south-western French white grape variety producing elegant, dry and mineral white wines.


A red grape variety originating in Italy known for its use in Valpolicella and Bardolino, producing high quality and diverse styles and likely blended with other varieties.